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“Life is simple. People are complex.”
Chief Sun Bear

For over 30 years, Carolyn (known to many as Whitehawk) has provided simple, practical answers about life, love and spirituality through private readings for individuals from all walks of life. Carolyn is privileged to be serving a private ongoing intensive apprenticeship with the Native American Chief, Sun Bear. Under Chief Sun Bear’s tutelage Carolyn has finely honed her natural gifts and developed as a conscious channel for Sun Bear, allowing a deeply intimate contact with Spirit. It is through purity of intent, empathy and insistence upon clarity that Carolyn is able to facilitate the seeker to receive personal and practical answers from their own spirit guides.

When you call for your reading with Sun Bear, he is able to hear your questions, and then answer your questions 'inside' the mind of Carolyn, who relays the message to you. Even though she is there during your reading, the conversation is like water through a sieve. She rarely remembers anything at the end of the reading as she has been in something resembling twilight sleep while you speak with Sun Bear.

Sun Bear requests each person write a list of their specific questions prior to the reading appointment time, and have that written list in front of them at the time of the reading to ensure all questions are answered.

30 minutes $105.00
1 hour $210.00

Chief Sun Bear

When he departed this earth in 1992 after his last incarnation, Sun Bear's soul joined/blended with a larger soul containing the spirits of many shamans, several thousand over the centuries. This larger soul has been around for about 7,300 years. It is for this reason that many different presentations of the Sun Bear soul come through different mediums.